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High School Essay
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Since I was young I was always told that I have to be the best that I can possibly be. Everything that I have to do must be completely flawless and absolutely perfect; even the stuff I had no idea of, or never heard of it before. I always had to be an overachiever. My mind was encrypted with a code of excellence and nourishment. As the years passed and I grew older, this code has also grown with me and directed me to the right path of achieving my goals and dreams. Not only that, but this code also navigated me through many obstacles in life and helped me to achieve excellence wherever is possible.
As my middle school years came to an end, I am enveloped with a sense of sadness that I had to leave all my friends and most of my life behind and start a new life in an unfamiliar domain. However, like a blood-thirsty cannibal, the code in my mind was confident and enthusiastic about starting a new path of greater excellence, and this path is called high school. To fill my knowledge-hungry mind up, I have to go to a school that has the best education possible. Therefore I signed up for High Technology High School that has been known for its academic excellence that has top-class education. My being an over-achiever means I have many goals set for a successful high school year.
The highest goal for me in high school is too stay as my hardworking self throughout the years. I will be the finest I can be so I could be the top of my class, in every class. Every assignment that will be given to me will be returned well done and completed with excellence. Every project that is apportioned to me, I will work on it from the first day until the last day to create it as best as it can possibly be. I also want to be able to pass and ace every subject we will learn. I want to be better than every other student there and leave the school with no grade less than a 100. All the homework that will be thrown at me every day from all angles, I will take it, finish it, master it, and then return it. Even though I was told that high school is a very hard and different world, I still have pride and confidence in myself of achieving throughout the years successfully. I will be at ease, knowing that whatever obstacles are in my way, I will conquer it. Another goal I would like to accomplish in high school is joining as much extra activity programs as possible. Whether its soccer or Lego robotics, I am ready to join anything to help my progress or give me a better look on my reputation. I favor scholastic bowl and basketball furthermost because basketball is my preferred sport and it is the sport I am best in. I also favor scholastic bowl because I get to stay with individuals I feel comfortable with around me. I desire spending time with smart people, not the sort of people that are unintelligent and make you feel smart when you don’t do anything. These types of people make you feel too smart about yourself, you get lazy and waste all your time doing nothing. Unlike when you spend time with smarter people, they make you feel less smart than them, so you get motivated to work harder and become more intelligent than them.
Ultimately, my last goal is to finish my high school education with outstanding grades and to receive a scholarship to attend Yale University. By completing high school, I would be well on my way to becoming a doctor. Moreover, by fulfilling high school, I will once again demonstrate to the world, that no obstacle can stop me. I believe that education is the most important thing in life because it will get you through everything. Even though knowledge is hard to gain and sometimes it feels impossible, you just have to work through it and never give up. As a famous author and journalist once said “Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself.” – Charles J Sykes

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