High School Dropouts

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Many people think that certain people, like Bill Gates can have a successful life without school. However, the number of them is really small in contrast to the number of people who cannot find a job without a high school diploma. Dropping out of high school is a serious problem all around the world, including the United States. What does dropping out of high school mean? According to the article “Background on High School Dropouts,” “Dropping out is defined as leaving school without a high school diploma or equivalent credential such as a General Educational Development (GED) certificate as defined by the National Center for Education Statistics.” What are the reasons why students drop out? Children drop out of school for many subjective and objective reasons, including boredom, crime, drugs, pregnancy, and economic factors. Moreover, dropping out of school has many effects upon children. What are these effects? Do parents know about them? If they know the origin of these problems and how harmful they are, Americans will find the solutions for them easier. Children are the future of the country, so education is indispensable for today's children. Americans need to adopt a plan that reduces the rate of students dropping out of high school. What can parents, teachers, officials, and students do? Students drop out of school for many reasons. The first reason is lacking of interesting with their school. According to M. C. B. in "High School Dropouts," the cause that students drop out of high school is “they lack relevant or interesting lessons in their classes and the lack of individual attention from their instructors.” Teenagers usually get bored in school, and they do not understand the importance of education yet. Students may get into the class but don’t pay enough attention for what the teacher teach them. They do not understand the lessons. They are afraid to ask the questions when they get confusion. Then, they do not study for the test and get a poor grade. The more they get bad grade is the more they lack interesting with their school. Students also get bored at school because of lacking of activities. Many schools do not have physical or sedentary activities, which children would like to do, during school time. So children attend to stay home or another place where they can have these activities. Another reason of dropping out of high school is non-cognitive with studying of children. Michael O’Connell in "Non-cognitive Abilities and Early School Dropout: Longitudinal Evidence from NELS" states that people just mention the power of knowledge and that we forget the important role of capacity and are not aware this is also the cause of dropout status. The author also points out that non-cognitive studying has a great influence in school. There can be many causes that make student leave their class. It is a factor in the determination to stay in school or not.

Children drop out of school for many objective reasons. First, students have to leave school because they have to work to earn many for life. When their parents cannot support for them anymore, they need to drop out and find a job even though it legal or not. Sometime they have to be babysitter because their parent do have time or do not have enough income for that. Second, student may drop out of high school because their race. According to “Background on High School Dropouts,” “Hispanics and African Americans are at greater risk of dropping out than whites.”There many children drop out of school because they are ashamed with their race. Students, who are bullied by another student, may drop out of school early. Moreover, disabilities are obstacles for student when they go to school. Children who cannot see, hear, talk, or walk usually have inferiority feeling. It is difficult for disability student with studying. They usually drop out when they cannot keep up with their classmates. In addition, students, who are living in remote areas, get a higher risk...
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