High School Dropout

Topics: Dropout, High school, Adolescence Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: January 12, 2014
Brianna Kopp
English Research Paper
Mrs. Plucker

Dropping out of high school will forever be a timeless element. Not finishing high school is within that person’s choice. Each student has the option of continuing their education or quitting and jeopardizing their future. There are several reason why teenagers drop out of high school. The number one reason teenagers do not to complete high school would be their failure to pass the required classes. Most students are just lazy and do not attempt the homework that was assigned to them. But there is also a possibility they cannot pass the class because of their level of cognitive ability. A significant amount of every classroom has group of students that struggle academically. Teachers and administrators provide outside help to the student body. However, many chose not to take advantage of their opportunities. Another reason kids are not graduating is absenteeism. Missing school greatly impacts the dropout rate. About 5-7.5 million students are absent from 12-20 days of the school year. The main reasons for missing school are because of illnesses, juvenile justices, bullying, and parents not valuing their children’s education enough. (American Teacher 2012) Bullying is a significant reason for dropping out. Two children in every classroom miss a day of school each month because they feel bullied. (Kennedy, Washington Post) Drugs and alcohol also have their affect on students’ not finishing high school. Usually the heavy drinkers are teens between the ages of 12-20. 1 in 5 students drink heavily which makes about 7 million students nationwide.( Staff, ProQuest)Drinking and doing drugs is absolutely in the choice of the student. It is something they should consider when planning their high school careers because it may be detrimental to their future. Teens that are delinquent are more likely to make poor choices and decrease their chances in graduating. Those who are expelled or suspended usually...
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