High School Drinking Argumentation Essay

Topics: Adolescence, Drinking culture, Party Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Hannah Alford
English 3-4
January 3, 2013
High School Partying

The ever growing problem of underage partying including drinking and drug use is a topic that has been pushed aside and deemed as a “teen phase” in todays world. Parties in high school is downplayed as a normal part of being a teenager, “everyone does it”(Fidel,Steve). Teenagers do not realize the harm that partying can do to both their health and their reputation. The alcohol and drugs that get slipped into parties isn’t a big deal because of the hype that is put on them in this generation. Statistics show that 7.2 million people aged 12-20 were binge alcohol users the past month from being surveyed. Research has shown that persons who engage in binge alcohol use as teenagers are at increased risk for binge drinking as young adults(NSDUH). The chance to better the future generation is possible if the realization of the harmful side effects of partying is noticed. The decision to party in high school could be the line between life and death if a teenager is not smart in their decision to party or not.

Most would agree that the wrong parties lead to bad decisions such as drinking which can affect a teens future. Teenagers want to be accepted and stand out so they turn to partying to show their friends how cool they are(Fidel, Steve). Underaged drinking is not cool, especially since it is illegal and harmful to the young adults bodies. The high that teenagers get from partying and being accepted for a while is worth it in their mind but in truth the long term result can be liver damage and social problems. The right people to be hanging around will not peer pressure a teenager to do anything they don't want to but if a teenager is always being influenced then they will not know any different.Teens don't always have the ability, or interest, to stop and think about what could go wrong(Fidel, Steve). Teenagers will only think of what they have seen in movies instead of the reality of...
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