High School Day Narrative

Topics: High school, English-language films, Suicide Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: January 9, 2017

“Take away my good name, take away my life” This is a quote that I’m sure everyone in this room can probably relate to. We all remember our high school days, we wanted everyone to know our name. We wanted popularity and our reputation meant the world to us. What we do and how we act reflects directly on our name. For Shea Simmons what happened to her name was not her fault. Shea spent countless hours practicing and working on Mock Trial, working towards getting the scholarship from the Metropolitan Bar Foundation. Everything seemed perfect and at the end of the finals-they had won! However, all that came crashing down a few days later. Because of one childish blog post, a coach with a thirst for winning, and a jealous teenager Shea’s dreams...

She will testify to the fact that there was confusion at the metal detectors so all objects, specifically binders, were being misplaced. She will tell us all what actually happened outside the courtroom, a quick conversation with a sick student. She will also explain that not until after the blog and the appeal had been brought to Chris’s attention was she informed that the scholarship would not be granted

Next we will call up Officer Del Noonan, the security guard at the courthouse the night of the trial. She will explain that there was a mixup with security and that people’s items were being easily misplaced. She will also describe that Taylor and a sick looking Shea were only speaking for a mere 20 seconds and then went their SEPARATE ways.

Last we will call up Shea Simmons, the plaintiff.. She will testify to the fact that she and Taylor did not speak about the case outside of the courtroom, rather only exchanged a few words regarding her unstable health. She will also explain how mock trial gave her the chance to gain a scholarship that could have positively affected her life and also the detrimental effects the scholarship being taken away had on...
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