High School Cliques

Topics: High school, Clique, Abercrombie & Fitch Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: May 20, 2007
There are a very high amount of cliques in high schools throughout the United States. Many teenagers believe the only way to be recognized is to be in with the popular crowd. How can cliques be regulated so that the people who do not fit in are not traumatized for the rest of their lives? There are many factors that bring out cliques in high schools, some are based on wealth, style, race, and interest. But in many cases there are cliques that are mixtures of these types. In my opinion, they all can be very demeaning.

Economic status is often a big factor in cliques. Realistically, rich and the poor do not go hand in hand. The children of wealthy people look down on people that are poor. Cliques divide people through "class." It seems like if your family's bank account isn't off the charts you cant be friends with other people whose families are. Money isn't everything. Therefore these kids are missing out on opportunities to get to know other kids that might be just as fun to hang out with but just not blow all their money.

Fashion is another huge aspect of high school cliques. Nearly every high school girl dresses like a supermodel. They wear tight fitting jeans with belts and jewelry and a matching shirt from stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and American Eagle. Boys, too, tend to feel the pressure to dress from these same stores. They will wear a tight muscle shirt or loose fitting jeans just to fit in. The media influences all of these styles. Magazines, television shows, and especially MTV, influence teens on style. For example, a popular television show like, Dawson's Creek, advertises for American Eagle by having all their actors model their clothing.

Cliques are also formed by race. Far too many times people exclude others because of their skin color. I realize that people tend to have more in common with people of similar heritage. This is no reason to exclude others just because of their skin color. As sad as it is to admit...
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