High School Basketball

Topics: Basketball, High school, Magic Johnson Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: March 30, 2005
College and High school Basketball

College and High school basketball are different and similar in many different ways the ways they are similar is that they both apply the same rules as far as being on the court goes and how the game is being played. For example there is still a traveling call, a three second in the lane call, and a ten second call if you don't pass half court in that amount of time. The ways that they are different is that in college there are two twenty minute halves where as in high school you have four eight minute quarters; in college there is a thirty-five second shot clock and in that amount of time your team has to set up their offense otherwise the team will get a shot clock violation called on them. College basketball is more intense it requires a lot more drive and focus where as in high school it doesn't require as much but it is needed. College basketball is the next step to a higher level of basketball meaning that you are playing against guys or girls who have been apart of the starting five for their high school team and has stats that are just unbelievable or they have something that they can do very well for example: Defense, Offense, Awareness on and off the court, or the just have good character. Now in college you don't have to be a Michael Jordan, or a Magic Johnson to get yourself on a team, a good character and just a little knowledge of the game can take you a long way. Of course college basketball is different from high school in that before you get into college you have to have the scores and the grades to be apart of their program, where as in high school you just have to maintain a certain grade point average to stay on the team. Overall college basketball is a wonderful experience but it takes a lot of hard work and determination and a big heart to keep you going because it's not an easy road to go down. So that is how college and high school basketball differ from each other.
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