High School and William R. Dy

Topics: High school, Educational stages, 2006 albums Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Born in a beautiful place in Isabela on July 25, 1994, it was my beginning of my journey through life.  I was the oldest son of Engineer William R. Dy and Eleanor I. Dy.  William, a hardworking man, raised his four children in a much disciplined way.  It was from here that I’ve learned much of his punctuality. When I was small, like every child I had a dream, well more like many dreams. Like every little boy I either fantasized about becoming something like a king or a super hero. As I grew up, I began to realize that life isn’t a fantasy and that I have to answer my true calling and eventually led to discovering my real passion. Like any kid going to school, they have to learn, but to me it was something that made me explore all the techniques how to study and the way others use so many methods of studying.

As I prepared myself going to school my first school was in Saint Ferdinand College walking distance in our house. I study there for how many years from kindergarten until I graduated Elementary. My kindergarten experience was so sad because in kindergarten, I was separated from our parents for the first time and I am so nervous at that time, first thing that comes in my mind was, there are a few things that I should be introduced to. First, I should know the name of the kindergarten teacher, the principal’s name, and if possible, where my kindergarten room is. I became overwhelmed at first because of the new situation and the new people. And also I may not immediately like school, but with encouragement, I adapt and hopefully begin to enjoy their very first year of school. Making friends in that very first year in the kindergarten is a very important issue associated with transition to school. Then the time will come I was in Elementary, it seems everything gets bigger. The classrooms, the garden even the green space where students play - are all noticeably larger. The children themselves have grown and acquired a greater need to interact in groups, so...
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