High School and Health Service

Topics: High school, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Medicine Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: December 18, 2013
As a highschool student I'm starting to set my goals for my future. Through my highschool years Im planning on taking the health service pathway as my elective. This core is for students who plan to pursue careers in the health service industry. For my sophomore year I'm planning on taking health service career pathway, this core will help me gain essential knowledge and skills about major body system and more. This can also help me learn to apply effective communication skills and technologies in the delivery of health care. For my junior year I'm also planning to take clinical health, this core will help me combiand information common to all healh careers. Lastly for my senior year I'm planning on taking medical biotechnology, this core will help me learn the different technique used in biotechnology and genetic engineering by hands-on laboratory training. I am also planing on setting up a schedule to be an intern for a doctor from Queens Medical Hospital. I could watch and interview him on what he does as a OBGYN, this could help me expierince and see how my future can turn out. This my highschool goals that can set me up for my real life goals. Now it's time to plan the last stage before reality, things I'm going to do to reach my goals to have a good future. I'm planing to attend University of Hawaii Manoa or UH Manoa to get a doctor of medicine degree. UH Manoa is located at beautiful Manoa Valley, just outside downtown Honolulu, Hawaiʻi on the island of Oʻahu, this school was founded on 1907. There's a total of 20, 426 students , 14,655 undergraduates , 5,771 graduates and professionals, and 905 unclassified. It cost $31,608 per year plus additional $670 for student fees, and also if I decide to dorm it, it would cost $2721 per year. To provide for my college funds and fees I can apply for finical aid. There's three types of financial aid, there's grants , loans, and scholarship. Grants is a financial award given by the government to an eligible student....
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