High School and College Assessment Examination

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National College Assessment Examination, a requirement of the Senior students for their future. An examination which tested them in different fields and an examination which will tell them what field they are belong to in the future.

The whole month of September was the preparation of the senior students for their NCAE. Not only Marian students will take this exam but all of the schools nationwide. Different preparations are held. An orientation was given to us by Ms. Grace Mendoza (school’s psychiatrist). This is to orient us about the NCAE, what preparations we are going to do and how we could pass the exam. NCAE is a nationwide examination which tests the student’s ability in different subjects and fields. This is one of the requirements for our college entrance exam. Ms Mendoza also taught us on how we are going to fill up the answer sheet. They orient us that we need to fill up the answer sheet neatly and clearly. They also provided a reviewer for us. They also gave us instructions what to do, what not to do, what to bring, and what not to do during the test. Things to bring are: Mongol no. 2 pencil, a clean long folder, an eraser, a sharpener and snacks and packed lunch. We are not allowed to go out of the testing room unless the test is done. We are also not allowed to bring electronic gadgets such as cellphones, calculator, mp4s, etc. We also went to school as early as 6:30am because late comers are not allowed anymore to enter the testing room. It really helps a lot because it is almost the same with the actual test that are given to us during the actual examination. Every second is counted while you are taking up the exam. It has time limit which is very exact for the particular subject.

Last September 25, 2010 was our dry run. The purpose of this is to let us be ready for the actual test on September 29. The dry run is recorded especially on our major subjects Mathematics, English, and Science. All the teachers support us...
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