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Directions for GA College 411 Individual Graduation Plan

• Please use the following directions to complete the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) that is required for all 8 grade students on or before • May 10 . The purpose of the IGP is to provide students with an overview of the courses/subjects required to receive a high school diploma. This is only a general overview of the courses you will take at GCA to graduate high school. The names of the courses you will actually register for may change depending on test scores and your performance in courses. If you have any questions while completing the IGP, please attend one of the open offices that Mrs. Shay Locke, Middle School Counselor, will be holding 4/29-5/10 at 10 am in her classroom. Use the following link to get to her classroom: www.tinyurl.com/mrsslocke Tip: Print these directions to use as a guide while completing the IGP on the website for GA College 411. www.gacollege411.org th th

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1.Go to www.gacollege411.org and Click Sign In

2. Sign in with your account name and password and click Sign In

3. Click High School Planning

4. Click Your Plan of Study

5. Click Create your course plan

6. Click Georgia High School Graduation Requirements

7. Click Use this as your Plan of Study

8. Click Continue

9. Use this course progression chart (Classes worksheet) to fill out your graduation plan. You will sign up for a total of 6 classes per year. Follow the chart below when picking your classes for 9-12th grade English/LA, Math, Social Studies and Science. Make sure to choose Health/Personal Fitness in 9th grade. You will need to choose 3 classes total in grades 9-12th grade from CTAE/Modern Language/and/or Fine Arts to fulfill that requirement. You will need to choose 4 electives in grades 912th grade to fulfill that requirement. If you cannot decide what you would like to take for your electives, you may choose Elective as I did below. You will also need to choose...
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