High Rates

Topics: Unemployment, United States, Economics Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: April 3, 2013
A major problem in the United States is the high unemployment rate. Many Americans are unemployed which in turn is hurting our economy. There are a few ways we could lower the rate of unemployment, education in modern technological jobs, offering tax incentives to company’s to hire Americans instead of going over seas, and with job creation. By allowing the small business to thrive, they will produce the most jobs for the dollar invested.

First, education in modern technological jobs could prepare anyone with the tools needed for a good job. More and more our society is using computers, iphones, ipads, fax machines and other tech for work. By offering an education in the rising use of technology people can learn how to use the computer or other tech for work to better the odds of getting a job anywhere.

Next, the government could give tax incentives to companies to hire in America instead of over seas. By staying in The United States it will allow more jobs to open up. Companies could then afford to hire more people and pay less in taxes.

Lastly, job creation by allowing the small business to thrive. The government could stop providing grants and gifts to the large corporations to unfairly compete against the small business. Owners and investors of small business will produce the most jobs for the dollar invested.

In conclusion, by following these few steps we as a country could lower our high unemployment rate and fix the economy. First give people an education, second more tax incentives, and third job creation by allowing the small business to thrive.

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