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High Performance Work System

By mindrage Sep 17, 2005 421 Words
High performance work system entails greater level of involvement, skill development, commitment, and competencies of all employees regardless of their function or level in the organization. In other words, they are simply work practice that can be deliberately introduced in order to improved organizational performance.

A high performance work system would consist

2.Performance management.
3.Compensation and benefits.
4.Career development.

Employee training is important in any organizations. Employee skills have to be updated and altered regularly. There are seven types of major training that organizations provide. They are interpersonal skills, technical, business, mandatory, personal management, problem solving or decision making and personal. In Kassim Baba scenario, they should provide training in terms of performance management and problem solving or decision making whereas it will help employee improve work performance and making decision regarding any particular problems.

Performance management is a process establishing performance standards and appraising employee. Performance appraisal is a critical part of performance management. Some of the method are written essay, critical incidents, graphic rating scales behaviourally anchored rating scales, multiperson comparisons, objectives, and 360-degree appraisals. Graphic rating scales are suitable for Kassim Baba's operation. This method rates each employee in quantity and quality of work, job knowledge, cooperation, loyalty, attendance, honesty, and initiative.

Effective and appropriate compensation system can help attract and retain competent and talented individuals who help the organization accomplish its mission and goals. There are many kind or rewards and benefits such as base wages and salaries, wage and salary add-ons, and incentive payments. A good way to reward employees for the job skills and competencies they can demonstrate is skill-based pay system in which skills define his or her pay category. However, there are several factors that influence compensation and benefits; they are employee's tenure and performance, kind of job performed, kind of business, unionization, labour or capital intensive, management philosophy, geographical location, company profitability and size of company.

Career development is more focus on the employee as an individual where it has been described as a boundary less career in which individuals rather than organizations define career progression, organizational loyalty, important skills, and marketplace value. They will make their own career planning, career goal, and education and training. Good career choice outcomes should result in a series of positions that give them an opportunity to be a good performer, maintain commitment to career and lead to highly satisfying work.

-management bt stephen p. robbins / mary coulter

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