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Consumer involvement Theory - CIT - is one way to understand the psychology and behavior of your target audience. > There are others. But none quite so quick, simple and insightful. Involvement refers to how much time, thought, energy and other resources people devote to the purchase process. The Emotional / Rational scale is a measure of reason vs. impulse, desire vs. logic, passion vs. prudence. That sort of psycho stuff. There are four general categories. And we have some examples plotted on a grid, courtesy of our friend Brian. > High involvement / emotional

> High involvement / rational
> Low involvement / emotional
> Low involvement / rational
> Look inside Brian's brain.
High involvement / rational
In this category you find expensive business purchases: anything relating to the technological infrastructure, the office location and lease, as well as the company health insurance plan. On the consumer side, high involvement / rational purchases tend to be linked to high cost. This category can include financial services and products, the purchase of a home or car, as well as major appliances and electronics. That said, high involvement consumer purchases can vary significantly on the rational / emotional scale from individual to individual. For Ms. Smith, a car is strictly a way to get to work, and her selection is based on fuel economy and reliability. For Mr. Wilson, a car is an important expression of his status and ego. Your task is to determine how the majority of your target market relates to the purchase of the particular product or service. For both B2C and BtoB markets, advertising for Hi/R purchases tend to be copy driven, with clear explanations of features and benefits. Hight Involvement – Rational|

Advertising imperative: Provide no-frills facts, real user stories. Examples: Network software, office furnature, health insurance. Creative Tips for High Involvement / Rational
- Know your buyer. Her reservations or...
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