High Divorce Rate in Egypt

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High Divorce Rate in Egypt
Social Sciences

5th semester
Soha Ihab Elsewerky
19-1343 | PD 1

Since we were kids we were brought up to believe that we live all our lives waiting for a happily ever after. Your mother, friends and the society always pushing you and focusing on you having a husband. From your early age you’re taught to take care of your looks and posture, always making yourself pleasing. Media surrounded us with fairy tales stories that grew our expectations a lot stronger, until we grow up marrying the first man we are attracted to regardless to common traits. We then realize that it’s not just about love and infatuation but its more; it’s about sharing responsibility, sharing actions and living as one person, at that point you start growing apart, your marriage fail and the first thing that comes to your mind is filing for divorce. It was believed that high divorce rate is a major problem in our society and especially in the urban lower class, as much as 95 percent of all divorces occurred among couples who were illiterate. Literature Review:

According to previous researches, it was found that high divorce rates these days are due to the fact that newlyweds have high expectations from the other couple based on criteria they got from movies and fairy tales. People imagine there lives with no problems and that they will live all their life in a love story that never ends, which sure happens but that if the two persons really care for each other’s feelings and stand by each other through every aspect of their lives. Sometimes the problem stars before as many of married couples lack knowledge and doesn’t choose well from the beginning and they just base their judgment on appearances which makes them blind of any flaws in the other couple. While after they get married and responsibilities start to flow; they start seeing each other on their nature. The other thing is the fact that this person starts to see in the other couple all his flaws regardless to his good points. Some people get divorced because they fall for someone else who makes them always comparing between them; Inability to stand each other. "For marriage to succeed, young people need to change their stereotypical views of the roles of husbands and wives. A happy marriage should be based on cooperation between two partners who have a deep sense of family commitment," said Shahine a public speaker, whom I totally agree with based on the fact that here in Egypt the society tends to treat the female as a wife that has to say home to take care of her kids, cook and clean for her husband. And that as long as she’s doing this she becomes successful not putting in mind the fact that she can also have a job while doing all this. But then comes the third reason for divorce is women working as much as men now and gaining high positions and salaries approaching the pay and careers of men; leading to lack of employment to others. In addition to having a working family that led to lack of family time then when you finally have any, you start doing house chores and tack care of kids which with the stress of daily jobs lead to many problems. Another reasons for divorce are women becoming a bit bossy, in addition to men being too controlling, Irresponsible and greedy. I started by asking “How can product design contribute in solving the problem of high divorce rate?” I chose to handle this problem as it has many effects on children and society. Firstly, Men and women both suffer in their mental health following divorce like hostility, self-acceptance, personal growth and positive relations, but researchers have found that women are more greatly affected. Secondly, children who grow up with two-parent family do better than children who grow up in a single-parent family. Also children of divorce suffer from depression and tend to fail in school. Children with depression sometimes have problems in their relationship with each...

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