High Art

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Anna Horton
October 6, 2013
AP Lang, 7th hour
Mr. Kreinbring
High Art
High art can take on many different forms. Whether it is an action itself, the final products of an action, or both, high art takes work and practice. Calligraphy is a marvelous example of high art because it takes hard work and experience. Of course, many would disagree, but the definition of high art depends on the viewer. Calligraphy is high art because it does involve much artistic skill. Another thing that makes calligraphy high art is its history. Perhaps handwriting has evolved to the point that old-fashioned documents appear to have been writing using calligraphy, but it may have been the way people wrote however many years ago. The ability to replicate the lettering is what makes it high art.

Calligraphy is an old tradition that is admired by many. Although very few occupations employ calligraphy since we have moved on to printing, it is still an amazing skill to have. An occupation that does use calligraphy are usually at museums or even in the government to replicate old documents. It is quite interesting that they rewrite the document when they could just copy it using a computer; however, they may have wanted to keep the old and beautiful tradition that calligraphy has to offer.

4-1 Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

Goal 1- Describe Social Responsibility Issues
Goal 2- Identify Benefits and costs of Social Responsibility Goal 3- Explain the purpose of a code of ethics

Social responsibility- the duty of a business to contribute to the well-being of a community •Non-renewable resource- a natural resource that cannot be replaced after it has been used up •Ethics- principles of morality or rules of conduct

Business ethics- rules about how a business and their employees are supposed to behave •Code of ethics- a set of rules for guiding the actions of employees or members of an organization

Environmental Protection
Workplace Diversity
Job Safety
Employee Wellness
oExpanded Justice for groups of society
oEnhanced Company Image
oReduced need for government actions
oImproved quality of life in the community and around the world oIncreased awareness of social issues among workers, consumers, and others •Costs
oNew nonpolluting or safer equipment
oBuilding Repairs
oWellness and Rehabilitation Program
oSocial Projects sponsored by a company
Checkpoint 
What are four areas of social responsibility that may require the attention of business? 1.Environmental protection
2.Workplace Diversity
3.Jobs Safety
4.Employee wellness

Code of Ethics Page 79
Ethical Conduct Guidelines
oAre the actions legal?
oDoes the action violate professional or company standards? oWho is affected by the action and how?

Checkpoint 
What is the purpose of a code of ethics?
oTo increase productivity and harmony between employees
Assessment 
Do you think a code of ethics can increase business profits? oI think a code of ethics will increase business profits, because people will learn to work together and the company’s output will be more

4-2 Government Protection Activities

Goal 1- Identify the roles and levels of government.
Goal 2- Explain the role of government protection and the legal system in business Goal 3Bescribe types of intellectual property

Contract- an agreement to exchange goods or services for something of value, usually money •Patent- gives an inventor the sole right to make, use, or sell the item for 20 years •Copyright- protects the creative works of authors composers and artists •Trademark- a word, letter, or symbol linked with a specific company or product

1.Providing services for members of society
2.Protecting citizens, consumers, businesses, and workers
3.Regulating utilities and promoting...
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