High Altitude

Topics: Oxygen, Altitude sickness, Carbon dioxide Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: November 16, 2013

Affects of High-Altitude Training on Athletes


This paper will give you a brief understanding of the effects of high-altitude training, the effects on the body and why athletes prefer it. We will also discuss briefly the release of carbon dioxide while exercising.

Every true athlete wants to improve their performance to get them a competitive edge. One way a lot of athletes seek this advantage is to do high altitude training. With this type of training, the air is thinner, which means there are fewer oxygen molecules per volume of air. This will cause less oxygen to the body which will trigger red blood cell production which delivers more oxygen to the muscles. After this type of training, the athlete will enter a competition at lower altitude and their performance will be improved. The physiology change to the body after high altitude training last for 9-20 days.

Respirations are also affected with high altitudes. The athlete will experience problems breathing due to a lack of oxygen. Their respiratory rate will increase, a condition called hyperventilation which will cause respiratory alkalosis. Respiratory alkalosis can prevent the person from enhancing their breathing rate to the level needed for survival. Most of the time the body will compensate for the decrease in oxygen.

With exercise, the person will consume more oxygen than they do when they are at rest. They also will produce more carbon dioxide due to the increase metabolic rate. The more intense the exercise the more oxygen they will consume and more carbon dioxide will be produced. Carbon dioxide is a waste product and the body has no use for it, but the increase in heart rate and respiratory rate aids in the release of carbon dioxide.
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