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2.0 Analysis on existing company distribution channel
Shell Petrol Station, USJ
High-5 Conglomerate Berhad has distribute their goods and services to particular area only in Malaysia. Their existing distributors are 7-Eleven, Giant, Tesco, Petronas, Shell and etc. After doing the survey, we found out that the High 5 bread shelves are usually smaller than its competitors such as Massimo and Gardenia. They are surrounded by its competitors. Base on the research, the best-selling product in 7-Eleven is sausage bun. This indicate that sausage bun had a high demand and the retailer of 7-Eleven mention that it’s always out of stock for this products. They had make told High 5 company to increase the quantity of the sausage bun to sell in their shop but High 5 do not take any relevant action. High 5 company had launch the pocket sandwich to the market. Their main target is focus on office workers. Marketing concept in pocket sandwich is convenient the consumer to have their food even though they are busying in their work. The information given that pocket sandwich is also one of the best-selling products but it’s weird that in the market, we cannot get this products as well.

2.1 Distribution channel SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is the overall evaluation of a company’s Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats analysis through the distribution channel. The analysis involves High 5 company’s internal and external problems in the market. External analysis is use to analysis the macro-environment forces like demographic, economics and many more. Hence, microenvironment such as customers, competitors and more over that will effects the ability to earn profit. Therefore, High 5 company should set up a marketing intelligence system to track the trends and important developments. Besides that, to become a good marketing must know art of finding, developing and profit from opportunities. Opportunity is a profitably for High 5 to satisfy the buyer need. For threats, it a challenge that they had to be face by an unfavorable trend. Identification of SWOT analysis is essential to the process of the planning for the achievement of their goal. High 5 company had to determine their goal and make sure their goal is clear and attainable.

2.1.1. Distribution channel strength
High 5 company has a strong relationship with the chain-store retailers. It’s quite difficult to go through with chain-store retailers to sell the products and services in their store as well. Thus, High 5 company can manage to go through. Base on the research, we found out High 5 company had co-operate with my chain-store retailer such as 7-Eleven, Petronas & etc. Moreover, High 5 company produce many variety of products such as sausage roll, bun and many more in order to satisfy the consumers ‘ wants in the market. Base on the market research, they distribute their products based on the consumers demand on that district. For example, Consumers in Shah Alam like to eat sausage roll and consumers in Klang like to consume bun. So, they will distribute more sausage roll and bun to both districts as well. Other than that, High 5 company had loyalty customers in certain district. They produced their product is based on a fresh, goods and halal raw material. People nowadays are very concern about the halal logo and they can be assured that product produce by this company is halal. So, High 5 company must ensure that the raw material use for produce is from halal source material. This will make the consumers more confident with High 5 company’s products.

2.1.2. Distribution channel weaknesses
They not planned well in distribute their bread in specific day and time. Some retailer give the feedback that said the consumer complaint the bread is not fresh because the bread is going to be expired date. Other than that, some complaint that even already expired few day just only come and change a new fresh bread at their shelve. Thus, the...
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