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Hiding in the Plain

By huyenle20 Apr 10, 2013 372 Words
"Hiding in Plain Sight," by Heather Rogers, is about how garbage is collected and processed. The centers where garbage is being disposed are concealed, and not exposed to the public. The way we deal with our garbage is unhealthy; [mention groundwater]. Actually, landfills are a better alternative to garbage on our city streets. Litter-trash thrown on the street and in other improper places-is unhealthy for the public, a waste of money, a bad example for other cities, and bad for the earth. Litter is unhealthy for the public. For example, I saw a man leave his dog's waste on the street.Another man coming down the street was distracted by his cell phone and stepped in the dog waste; he almost slipped and hurt himself. This is unhealthy because he could have broken his leg or gotten disease from the dog waste. Tissues and other waste with germs on it can cause disease if they are left on the street. When people throw garbage on the street, it attracts rats, which carry disease. If auto shops don't properly dispose of parts, exposure to parts that contain asbestos can cause cancer. As Rogers points out, garbage is a "toxic stew", and it's unhealthy, whether it's in a landfill or on the street. Litter is a waste of money. Street cleaning costs the city money; by keeping our streets clean, we couldsave money by reducing the number of street cleaners. Instead of throwing the garbage away,artists could make something new; by throwing garbage away . Spending government money on garbage instead of decreasing waste. Government should spend money on helping us use less instead of throwing stuff away. We should be limited in how much garbage we can create.

There are recycling bins, but we could do more to cut down on our trash. Not enough education about how to save the environment.
Law about littering
Enforce law about littering. - it's better to put trash in a landfill than on the street. Why is there much trash on the street?
Not enough garbage cans.
More trash on the streets in Brooklyn and Queens than in Manhattan: $$?

Instead of spending money on street cleaning, we should keep the streets clean ourselves.

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