Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies

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Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies

Group Name: LUCKY # 13 Group Leader: Jami Rosier Editors: Zack Sams & Steve Raszka Proofreaders: Sara Roberts, Haley Rinas, Brittani Saab Designers: Mike Porowski, Jami Rosier, Brett Pilkington Writers: Brett Pilkington, Mike Porowski, Steve Raszka, Haley Rinas, Jami Rosier, Zack Sams

Introduction By: Jami Rosier
With competitors such as DreamWorks, and Pixar, Disney Incorporated uses a vividly apparent strategy of sex appeal in order to raise their ratings. However, Disney is pushing the envelope and is willing to subject the innocent public to such images for higher ratings. The industry that we are talking about is the movie industry. The majority of viewers are comprised of young innocent children, thus the misconception that all Disney movies are innocent. Therefore, as sex sells in the entertainment industry, so do the numerous Disney movies. Although Disney is portrayed as a construction of culture and joy for children, the hidden signs and messages shown in popular Disney movies may change the attitudes some viewers will have. Considerably so, in more recent times, viewers of Disney Films are reading into the context of the films, and are taking away alternate ideas than what Disney originally intended (Associated Press, 1999). By using “hidden” messages in their movies, Disney is portraying to society the notion that sex sells. According to Studio History at Disney.com, Disney has been up and running strong for over 75 years, and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon (Studio History, 1998). Therefore, with the help of Disney Movie Productions, sex sells at an even more disturbing rate. Throughout the remainder of the paper we are going to discuss the numerous ways in which sex is directly related to Disney, and what can be said about the future of Disney Movies. Disney continues to corrupt the youth of children and influence the minds of teenagers by releasing questionable movies onto the sales racks, one after the other. Just to name a few movies that have been released with sexual innuendos or comments are; Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and The Rescuers. Numerous accusations and attestable information about all of these movies have been mentioned in the news, in magazines, and on the Internet. By reviewing these sources we found the credibility of each allegation that proves to be true.


Aladdin and the Naked Truth: By: Haley Rinas
In the identification of the hidden messages in Disney movies, we will begin with Aladdin. In the scene where Aladdin and Jasmine are to take a magic carpet ride, Aladdin calls on Jasmine to come with him, and continues to speak under his breath “teenagers take off your clothes” (DeMarco, 2000). What is actually going on with the soundtrack at this point in the film is difficult to determine. Disney claims that the script calls for Aladdin to say, "C'mon . . . good kitty. Take off and go," while the closed captioning has him uttering, "Good kitty. Take off" (DeMarco, 2000). This is a prime example of a verbal hidden message. This type of hidden message is in most cases unavoidable because it is verbal; if the viewer is paying close attention, the message can be heard. Not only is the message offensive but very disengaging as well. Encouragement of this action to children or teenagers alike is very severe. The original rumor "take off your clothes" started soon after Aladdin was released on home video in 1993 (DeMarco, 2000). A garbled and whispered portion of dialogue that could barely be heard in the theater was being replayed over and over in millions of homes but was difficult to distinguish. Soon after, someone came up with a salacious phrase that sounded somewhat like the original portions of dialogue, and the power of suggestion took over. People began to hear what they were being told they should hear.


The Lion King Uncensored By: Brett Pilkington and Steve Raszka The next mentionable...

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