Hidden Curriculum

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What education is only to implement the written curriculum alone, with other words, the means of measuring educational outcomes in the form of mastery learning solely by students? The question is what has drawn the interest of educational researchers to examine the values, beliefs, school climate, and other learning experiences that included all of the curriculum and is known as implied. 

The result of our reading and study, to date, there is a consensus among the leaders of curriculum on the definition of the most accurate and appropriate to the curriculum implied. Hence, we would like to share some opinions issued by some leaders on the definition of implicit curriculum. 

The first figure is Chafel (1997) who believes that there are two forms of school curriculum to be implemented in the overt (open) The course focuses on explicit and covert (hidden) which focus on applied learning, but not documented. In conclusion, the implicit curriculum Chafel define the norms, values and beliefs that are not specified in the curriculum but are not directly taught in the classroom. 

The second figure is the Adams (2002) The academic culture has been identified as an implicit curriculum. He felt that the teaching staff is also responsible for moving the cultural system of teaching and assessment strategies are implemented. 

In Malaysia, people of various races and race implications of the school curriculum.Through the implicit curriculum, the ministry is working to form the united nations and accept each other cultural differences between races. Implicit curriculum can be applied by the school through curricular activities, events organizer and co-curricular activities in the unit. Teachers should play an important role by inserting the values that can fulfill the aspirations of the FPN during planning. Explicit curriculum should also encourage social interaction in the classroom, which indirectly will implement confidence values in the...
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