Hidden Curriculum

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: May 5, 2002
Hidden Curriculum

Education is designed to serve many purposes towards the youths of today. It teaches the youth how to be better people and it prepares them for life. Education teaches its pupils knowledge in more that one way, by looking at life in different directions. There is a curriculum that is taught by the teachers and the textbooks, and in addition to the standard schooling there is also a "hidden curriculum." Gatto and Rose each have their own style of teaching and learning and their articles explain their unique styles. In college, high school, and even previous schooling, lessons are taught that enforce hidden instruction, but the students that succeed are the ones that recognize this and learn from it.

In the article "The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher," written by the teacher John Taylor Gatto, he sarcastically talks about how he secretly teaches his students lessons in life without their knowing. His messages teach important things in life such as patience and organization. Gatto's lessons like these are important for people to learn in school, but they cannot be taught out of a book or in a lesson. He believes these types of lessons must be taught to children within hidden messages to make it easier to learn. Gatto is speaking the truth when he says that the lesson plans of teachers contain much hidden curriculum. For example, Gatto jokingly says that he teaches confusion as one of these mysterious lessons. "Meaning, not disconnected facts, is what sane human beings seek, and education is set of codes for processing raw data into meaning."(Pg.153) Confusion is experienced all throughout schooling, many teachers in class do not know how to distinguish that. They believe that they are being clear, when in reality they are being the exact opposite. An example of confusion in classrooms is when the lessons are taught and then a test is given on a different lesson that the students have already previously learned about. Basically the students...
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