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Kathleen Kenyon(1906-1978)British archaeologist
TOPIC CONCEPT: Some of the most incredible archaeological discoveries in the 20th century were made by Dame Kathleen Kenyon; she shaped archaeology with her contribution to institutions, training of future archaeologists and publications. NAME AND DEFINE: Kathleen Kenyon (5/1/1906-24/8/1978) is from London England and is the eldest daughter to Sir Frederic Kenyon, a British paleographer, biblical and classical scholar. He was a later director of the British Museum and was also president of the British academy. Kathleen is most famous for her excavations in Jericho and Bangalow in 1952-1958, the Jewry wall (a substantial ruined wall of a public building of Ratae Corieltauvorum (Roman Leicester) and the Wheeler-Kenyon method. DESCRIBE: Miss Kenyon was known to be a Christian; she studied at St Paul's Girls School and read history at Somerville College, Oxford, England. In January 1951 she traveled to Jordan and embark on excavations in the West Bank at Jericho on behalf of the BSAJ. Her work at Jericho, from 1952 until 1958 made her world famous and established a lasting legacy in the archaeological methodology of the Levant. EXPLAIN: The ‘Wheeler –Kenyon method’ is a method of archaeological excavation. The technique draws its origins from the work of Mortimer Wheeler and Tessa Wheeler and was later refined by Kathleen Kenyon during her excavations at Jericho (1952-58). The Wheeler-Kenyon system involves digging within a series of 5x5 meter squares set within a larger grid. This leaves a (1 meter wide) freestanding wall of earth known as balk, on each side of a unit. These vertical slices of earth allow archaeologists to compare the exact provenance of a found object or feature to adjacent layers of earth (strata). During Kenyon's excavations at Jericho, this technique helped separate the long and complicated occupational history of the site. It was believed that this approach allowed more accurate observations...

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