Topics: Harvard University, Erich Segal, Radcliffe College Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Question: Describe a movie character that you want to become? Answer: I have watched a lot of movies, some of which has left such a deep impression on me, especially in terms of their characters. If I was able to be one of them, I’d wish to become the little girl Lee Soo In of Love story in Harvard. She got a pure and gorgeous beauty with a nice forehead, spackle almond-shaped eyes and a radiant smile. She was not only extremely beautiful but also very intelligent, strong-willed and kind-hearted. Having had an unprivileged childhood, she was still optimistic and lived happily with her father in the USA. She had to work very hard to get a living and manage to support her study at the University of Harvard. She patiently pursued her dream of becoming a good doctor to treat the unprivileged all over the world. No matter how busy and tired she was, she always spent her time on doing charities in order to bring the healthcare services and happiness for AIDS patients. Another reason making me admire Soo In lies in her wonderful love story with her husband, Kim Huyn Woo. Their love had passed many shades of feeling such as the purity, passion, happiness, sorrow and, above all, the sacrifice. During their time at Harvard University, they always encouraged each other and tried to do all the best things for their beloved. That really made them more mature and get better progresses in study. One of the most memorable scenes in this movie is the time Soo In decided to go for a volunteer program in the South of Africa for some years, leaving her love with Huyn Woo and their dream of a “full house”. Under no circumstance did she give up her dream despite she did love Huyn Woo very much. It was such a tough decision that not everyone could do. After coming back and reconciling with Huyn Woo, she had to struggle against blood cancer. At the death’s door, she still strived for protecting justice, even she could die. What a brave woman! Like many other movies, justice finally...
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