Topics: SWOT analysis, Unfair labor practice, Marketing Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: April 29, 2012
SWOT Analysis of Walmart
Strengths - Walmart has become the largest retailer in the US, and perhaps the world. It's huge buying volumes and negotiating style keeps its cost low, which allow them to keep their prices low. People will travel a pretty long distance to shop there. It has invested heavily in software technology to keep tight controls on its operations. Weaknesses - Small local businesses often can't compete with Walmart, and go out of business, which often alienates the small local business community. Walmart has been sued for unfair labor practices as well. These and other issues tarnish Walmart's image, especially for those who are directly impacted. Opportunities - Growing markets outside the US offers a great opportunity to continue its growth. Threats - Being number one in its market, some of Walmart's proven strategies are being imitated, to various degrees, by other large retailers. This will likely make the market for the "big box" retailers more competitive over time. -------------------------------------------------

Nike SWOT Analysis Example
Strengths - Nike manufacturers a very wide range of very well tested high-quality products. Many of their products use very high quality, lightweight and durable materials. They are one of the key leaders to try to emulate. Weaknesses - some of its labor practices, especially in Asian countries, are under scrutiny. Opportunities - there are still some almost virgin territories of the world that Nike could focus on marketing to. Threats - There is growing competition that sell similar products for lower prices. Some companies, particularly in Asia, make Nike knock-offs (they look like Nikes, say Nike, but they are not made by Nike). -------------------------------------------------

Starbucks SWOT Analysis Example
Strengths - profitable organization with a well-known name and product line. Nice, well-trained staff. Customers have habits and routines...
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