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User Stories – Book Shop
The manager of a small book shop has asked you to design and implement a database that centralizes information so that it is easier and more efficient to man-age inventory and track orders and sales. The shop handles rare and out-of-print books and tends to carry only a few thousand titles at any one time. Currently, the manager tracks all of the sales and inventory on paper. For each book, the manager records the title, author, publisher, publication date, edition, cost, suggested retail price, and a rating that indicates the condition of the book. Each book is assigned one of the following ratings: superb, excellent, good, fair, poor, or damaged. The manager would like to be able to add a description to each rating (just a couple of sentences), but the description should not be required. The information about each book must include the title, author, cost, suggested retail price, and rating. The publisher, publication date, and edition are not always available. If the year a book was published is available, the year will never be before 1600. And for purposes of the new database system, the publication date will never fall after the year 2099. Because these books are rare, each title must be tracked individually—even if they are the same book (identical title, author, publisher, publication date, and edition). Currently, the manager assigns a unique ID to each book so that identical titles can be differentiated. This ID must be included with the book information. The book ID assigned by the manager is an eight-character ID made up of numbers and letters. The manager also maintains limited information about each author whose books the store has carried or is carrying. The store might carry more than one book by an author, and sometimes more than one author will have written a book. The manager currently maintains information about approximately 2500 authors. The information includes the author’s first name, last name, year of birth, and...
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