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Manage quality customer service
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This Assessment Task is due on the LAST CLASS of WEEK 4. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit a printed version of this document with any required evidences attached. Submission Date/s _______________ ___________________________ Submission Number 1 2

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Assessor’s Name ___________________________________________ Instructions:
This is an individual project. Students will be given two case study scenarios and will have to answer a list of specifications in regards to meeting internal and external customer requirements and delivery of quality standards. Once completed, please print and submit it to your Trainer/Assessor in class. Specifications:

A customer service plan is initiated at DELL Computers after a customer survey identifies the following quality service gaps: 1. Delivery time of the new computers to consumers averages 1.5 days over the benchmarked standards. 2. An unknown number of phone inquiries have been missed due to the single-line phone system. 3. Repeat business represents 48%of business. This is below the required standard of 75%. 4. Customers are very happy with the price of computers. On average it is 12% lower than the competition. Please refer to Case Study I for Specifications 1 and 2:

1. Assess the issues in the case study and give at least 2 recommendations to meet the needs of customers. To a company, telephone and network system is very important. In case a company missed a phone call from an important client, it might be affect a large business. This is very unsecure for a company. I think a company should install a 4 lines telephone system, to solve the issue of the busy single line. The other recommendation I want to give is about the time of delivery. I think the company should set up a delivery schedule to reduce the problem of delay in delivery. For example, refer the suggestions below:

Complete order management and overview of fulfillment dates Inventory management
Assessment of demand
Container bookkeeping
Accounting processes (invoice and credit note)
Comprehensive evaluations
Before the project starts, document the following expectations, confirm it with the client and Inform all stakeholders including your own organization. Throughout the life of the project, verify that these Expectations are still valid. If not replace them with the current expectations. a) Write down the project's 'key success factor' (time/cost/quality) and explicitly confirm it from the client. Inform all stakeholders. It is a good idea to list out Top 3 success factors. b) Make a list of all time/cost/quality deliverables of the project that you think are important, and explicitly confirm them. c) Actively listen for and clarify any ambiguous statements encountered, whether from the customer or from your own team. d) Ask questions to ensure that you and the client are on the same track. e) Avoid qualitative terms like "fast data transfer" and use clear-cut quantitative terms. f) Ensure that all meetings are minuted and circulated to all stakeholders. Communicate with customers

Keep customers involved and satisfied at all times.
Regular interaction with your customers will help build trust and loyalty. If your customers believe that you are communicating with them openly, they will feel their relationship with you is one of mutual trust. Standards of service are constantly improving, so keeping customers satisfied is a continuous process. Ensure your whole business is focused on meeting customers' needs. Your product or service may be excellent, but the customer experience can be undermined by late delivery, sloppy...
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