Heuristic Evaluation

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Usability Techniques
Heuristic Evaluation - A System Checklist|
By Deniese Pierotti, Xerox Corporation
Heuristic Evaluation - A System Checklist
 1. Visibility of System Status
The system should always keep user informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within reasonable time. #| Review Checklist| Yes No N/A| Comments|
1.1| Does every display begin with a title or header that describes screen contents?| O O O|  | 1.2| Is there a consistent icon design scheme and stylistic treatment across the system?| O O O|  | 1.3| Is a single, selected icon clearly visible when surrounded by unselected icons?| O O O|  | 1.4| Do menu instructions, prompts, and error messages appear in the same place(s) on each menu?| O O O|  | 1.5| In multipage data entry screens, is each page labeled to show its relation to others?| O O O|  | 1.6| If overtype and insert mode are both available, is there a visible indication of which one the user is in?| O O O|  | 1.7| If pop-up windows are used to display error messages, do they allow the user to see the field in error?| O O O|  | 1.8| Is there some form of system feedback for every operator action?| O O O|  | 1.9| After the user completes an action (or group of actions), does the feedback indicate that the next group of actions can be started?| O O O|  | 1.10| Is there visual feedback in menus or dialog boxes about which choices are selectable?| O O O|  | 1.11| Is there visual feedback in menus or dialog boxes about which choice the cursor is on now?| O O O|  | 1.12| If multiple options can be selected in a menu or dialog box, is there visual feedback about which options are already selected?| O O O|  | 1.13| Is there visual feedback when objects are selected or moved?| O O O|  | 1.14| Is the current status of an icon clearly indicated?| O O O|  |

#| Review Checklist| Yes No N/A| Comments|
1.15| Is there feedback when function keys are pressed?| O O O|  | 1.16| If there are observable delays (greater than fifteen seconds) in the system’s response time, is the user kept informed of the system's progress?| O O O|  | 1.17| Are response times appropriate to the task?| O O O|  | 1.18| Typing, cursor motion, mouse selection: 50-1 50 milliseconds| O O O|  | 1.19| Simple, frequent tasks: less than 1 second| O O O|  | 1.20| Common tasks: 2-4 seconds| O O O|  |

1.21| Complex tasks: 8-12 seconds| O O O|  |
1.22| Are response times appropriate to the user's cognitive processing?| O O O|  | 1.23| Continuity of thinking is required and information must be remembered throughout several responses: less than two seconds.| O O O|  | 1.24| High levels of concentration aren't necessary and remembering information is not required: two to fifteen seconds.| O O O|  | 1.25| Is the menu-naming terminology consistent with the user's task domain?| O O O|  | 1.26| Does the system provide visibility: that is, by looking, can the user tell the state of the system and the alternatives for action?| O O O|  | 1.27| Do GUI menus make obvious which item has been selected?| O O O|  | 1.28| Do GUI menus make obvious whether deselection is possible?| O O O|  | 1.29| If users must navigate between multiple screens, does the system use context labels, menu maps, and place markers as navigational aids?| O O O|  | 2. Match Between System and the Real World

The system should speak the user’s language, with words, phrases and concepts familiar to the user, rather than system-oriented terms. Follow real-world conventions, making information appear in a natural and logical order. #| Review Checklist| Yes No N/A| Comments|

2.1| Are icons concrete and familiar?| O O O|  |
2.2| Are menu choices ordered in the most logical way, given the user, the item names, and the task variables?| O O O|  | 2.3| If there is a natural sequence to menu choices, has...

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