Heterosexual Masculinity and Homophobia

Topics: Homosexuality, Gender, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: September 3, 2005
In the Journal of Homosexuality, I found an article titled "Heterosexual Masculinity and Homophobia: A Reaction to the Self?" This article discussed information based on a case study that was done on 74 college males. The study investigated the link between heterosexual masculinity and homophobia.

"Heterosexual Masculinity and Homophobia: A Reaction to the Self" examined specific areas as the predictors of homophobia. One area discussed was gender self-discrepancy. Gender discrepancy is how well a male thinks that he fits the cultural expectations of how they should act as a man. Another area explored was attribute importance, or the perceived importance of possessing masculine attributes. Finally, self-esteem was reviewed.

After examination of all areas, it was predicted that the level of self- esteem, degree of self-discrepancy along gender attributes, and level of importance associated with those attributes would significantly add to the variation of homophobia among male college students. Throughout this article, it was determined that each of the predictor variables would contribute greatly and uniquely to the variance in homophobia. Attitude importance seemed to account for most of the variance. This variance was followed by self-discrepancy and then self-esteem.

As a culture, we put so much pressure on our others to conform to a certain mold. Society seems to be forcing other people to try to measure up in all areas of life, even trying to tell them how to act and how not to act. Heterosexual Masculinity is therefore the cultural pressure exerted on males to be masculine in traits and heterosexual in orientation. If a male does not outwardly portray masculinity, society views them as feminine. Some are even seen as socially unacceptable.

Our society reacts differently when asked the question whether there is a connection between heterosexual masculinity and homophobia. Their views change depending on in which class of society they...
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