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By envy11920 Nov 14, 2013 622 Words
Reginald Hazzard                                               November 9, 2013

In today’s society, LGBT people, same sex marriage and anything else in involving the gay community is not accepted and it looks like it may never be. In the world we live in today the LGBT community is in a fight for their equality, acceptance, and their rights. Same sex marriage is one issue in the world that the gay community has been fighting for and they are not making much progress. In America 15 of 50 states allow same sex marriage. Many people believe that this is a big deal and that this has mad made the gay community progress in their fight they have not will not until at least all or more than half of the country allows same sex marriage  and accepts the gay community. Although more and more people are starting to come out the closet, the LGBT community is still not accepted or acknowledged by everyone. The article 'So... Who's the Bride?' was written by Jamie McGonnigal, a homosexual man who was getting ready to get married. In the article McGonnigal states that when he went to Men's Wearhouse to get a suit for his wedding he was asked by an employee the bride’s name. This question led the author of the article to believe that the employee that he purposely asked him the brides name because he (the employee) could sense he was gay. This shows that same-sex marriages are still not considered as normal as straight marriages. Additionally this shows that the Men’s Wearhouse like most people believe that if a man is getting married he must be straight, taking same-sex marriages out the picture and setting the LGBTQ community back in their fight. Overall the LGBTQ community is not making much progress in their fight for equality.

On Sunday June 28, 1969 in a bar called the Stonewall Inn, a group of gay costumers took a stand because of harassment from police, and eventually started a riot. These costumers were beaten by police but eventually began to fight back and harass the police themselves. This can point can show how the LGBTQ community has progressed in the fight because; they used violence against and went against the law at that time. Although they may have done this because they wanted equal rights, they did not have to start a riot or break the law. Since then there have not been many well know gay activist/gay pride movements except. However, on the morning of November 27, 1978 Mayor of San Francisco, California George Moscone and city supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by Dan White. White was charged with voluntary manslaughter, the lowest charge for his crime, and sentenced to almost eight years in jail. People in the LGBT community were joined by others and began to march to San Francisco City Hall were they began to riot. This shows regression in the fight because violence was not needed and even some of Harvey Milk’s friends tried to sit the rioters down and stop them but it did not work. Overall the LGBTQ community is not making much progress in their fight for equality. In the world we live in today the LGBT community is in a fight for their equality, acceptance, and their rights. Some people believe that the LGBT community is making great progress in their fight but they are not. In today’s society, same sex marriage and other things involving the gay community are not acknowledged or accepted by most people. Additionally the LGBT community has not made much progress in their fight for equality because most of their movements have led to violence. Overall the LGBTQ community is not making much progress in their fight for equality.

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