Heterosexism 1

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Bisexuality Pages: 1 (456 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Heterosexism is a form of discrimination that favors heterosexuals over lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals
How to be a “normal” and “good” person in the love relationship? you needs to have the relationship with the people who are opposite sex to you , it formed by the society such as education, politics and the media). For example, In our (primary and secondary) school, our teacher try not to or never mention homosexuality, especially in the textbook. The government does not expect we become gay or lesbian.

According to Foucault, sexuality has been increasingly under subtle social control. as a result, ( the operation of power in shaping sexuality)in forms of the press, publishing, cinema and television. the disciplinary character of modern society to a large extent regulates our sexuality and brings it under anonymous surveillance and it is anonymous with the invasion of media in to our social lives. Our society telling us what kinds of sexual act are superior and good and what kinds are inferior and bad. It can explaine that why a lot of homosexual people do not coming out. In Lan Kwai Fong series, we can see the heterosexism clearly how to norm us, for example, they will look at the homosexual or the bisexual queerly, and LKF3 showed that if you see a sexy lady at the night club, she expected the”normal” man want to sex with her; if not, you will be identified to be homosexual or transgender. especially in Lan Kwai Fong two, we can see the power of gaze. The homosexual is not allowed or accepted, So, yu paid to hide his sexuality. Even in the night club, a open minded place, Gay, lesbian or the bisexual still controlled by the society. Seize the day

In Lan kwai fong series, The director emphasize Life is short. you will never know when will you die, so grab whatever chance life is offering you today. It sounds great ? but I think the director was not only disseminate life is short, but also encourage the audience to have a sex and go to the night club. Why...
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