Topics: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Citation, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: February 21, 2015
Project instructions:
In this essay, you will expand the skills of close reading and interpretation you developed in the first paper by using one of theoretical reading we have discussed in class �Notes on Camp� as a lens through which to create an analysis of either The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This means that you will be using Sontag text as a tool to help you analyze another (Rocky Horror) by applying the theories outlined in the article to your reading of your chosen primary text in order to develop a deeper and more complex analysis. Think about: � How does your lens (Sontag) illuminate your understanding of the primary text you�re analyzing? � How does your lens make you see your primary text differently?

You will work closely with the texts as you have done with your previous paper, using the texts as evidence to support your claims for further analysis. However, this paper should not be a matching exercise in which you seek out only those instances in which the lens fits easily with your primary text. While you should elaborate on these instances, you should not ignore the moments that provide contradiction�seek out differences. Feel free to challenge the limitations of your lens as you apply it to your chosen primary text. If it helps, imagine yourself in conversation with the author of your lens about your primary text�what kinds of issues might come up in that conversation?

Excellent papers will:
� Clearly establish your thesis, which you believe is supported/explained both by application of your lens and by evidence from your primary text � Clearly present and discuss your reading of the lens and the primary text you are analyzing � Clearly present what application of the lens reveals: how the subject fits and does not fit the lens � Identify and focus on key passages, scenes, or ideas to work with�no need to include everything the author says or every moment in the film � Incorporate, cite, and explain quoted and...
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