Hester Pryme

Topics: Sleep, The Animals, Laughter Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: June 27, 2014
Plamen Borisov


School Camp

In our school we decide to go to camping. We are going to Stara Planina. We are going Monika, Dew, George, Delia, Sophia, Nutsa and I. When we were travelling to Stara Planina we were singing, and George was out of the window, screaming like hell,'' I believe that I can fly''. Delia was screaming be quiet, Dew was watching from the window, he was really confused. I was laughing all the time, and I couldn't stop talking, Sophia was texting with her boyfriend, and also singing with us, And Nutsa was taking videos, and taking pictures with us. It was really cool, because our driver was also crazy like us, and he was letting us do whatever we want to do. George decides that when we go to Stara Planina we can sleep in little villages, all of us agreed with that. When we went there Monika and Nutsa were in one room, Sophia and Delia in the other room, and I with all the guys together in the third room, and our driver to be alone in the fourth room. We put all of our bags in the rooms, and we went to walk. George was the leader of the group, all the time he was telling us what to do and all the time he was making us so many laughs. One time all of us went to the cave and Nutsa fell down really bad, and our driver was holding her, it was really bad, because she couldn't walk at all. Sophia and Delia were joking to each other running around, laughing, and talking to each other, I and Dew were together, there were a lot of rocks and I was helping him to pass from them. George was in front of us all the time with a stick and singing, Figaro, Figaro, then it was because I am happy, and a lot of different songs. After that all of us went to the villages, we took shower, but first of all we went to see what happened with Nutsa's leg. The doctor said that she has...
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