Herta Oberheuser Experiment

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Ravensbrück Female Doctor
“I am constantly amazed by man's inhumanity to man. Consider if this is a woman, Without hair and without a name, With no more strength to remember, Her eyes empty and her womb cold, Like a frog in winter. Never forget that this happened.” (Ravensbrück: the “exclusive” SS women’s concentration camp) What sort of women were capable of committing such terrible atrocities against other women? The usual answer is to portray women guards as more like surrogate men (Sarah Helm). Dr. Herta Oberheuser was one of the most cruel, gruesome female doctors in Ravensbrück.
Dr. Oberheuser ran many different types of experiments, but she had two certain ones she focused mainly on. She would test different types of injections on children, such as evipen and oil. After waiting until they either died, or still may be fully alive and aware she would continue working on them either way. Oberheuser would then cut out their vital organs along with certain limbs off of their bodies with them feeling every bit of...

There was still bit of a medical side to this, but she enjoyed what she done. Dr. Oberheuser enjoyed torturing these prisoners and soldiers. She didn't care what kind of harm she caused, or how much pain they felt. This was most definitely a torturous experiment. She performed these experiments as a physician in Ravensbrück Concentration camp, a camp for women.
After World War 2, Dr. Herta Oberheuser got called to trial. The trial began, lasting until August of 1947. Twenty-three german physicians and socialists were accused of performing vile and potentially lethal medical experiments in the concentration camp on inmates and other living subjects. Oberheuser was the only female defendant in the in the medical trial. Fifteen out of the twenty-three defendants were found guilty. Seven were given a death penalty, eight were excused, and eight were...
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