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Corporate soCial responsibility sCoreCard 2010

The Hershey Company 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Scorecard outlines our progress in advancing the priorities we established in our 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. We understand that operating a sustainable, competitive business requires a commitment to improving our economic, environmental, and social performance. This scorecard shows how we performed against the goals published in our 2009 CSR Report as well as against newer targets established to further advance our priorities. Within this scorecard, we use the following to indicate our progress: ●● ●● ●● ● ●●

Achieved. We have met the target within or ahead of the time frame specified. On track. We expect to achieve the target within the time frame specified. Under development. We are working to further define this target. Needs improvement. We have made some progress but either lack sufficient data or have not progressed as we had expected toward achieving this target.

We look forward to continuing to report on our performance, and we welcome your feedback. To give us your comments, please visit http://www.thehersheycompany.com/contact-us.


The hershey Company CorporaTe soCial responsibiliTy sCoreCard 2010


Engage in fair and ethical business dealings through: integrity of supply

Issued the revised Supplier Code of Conduct to major suppliers in 2010 and all new suppliers on a goforward basis.

2010 progress

•• ••

Revised supplier Code of Conduct; issued revised code to key suppliers, translated it and posted it to our website to ensure global access. Hershey's Supplier Code of Conduct is now a contract term for all US purchase orders. http://www.thehersheycompany.com/hersheys-partners.aspx With partners World Cocoa Foundation and The Ghanaian Cocoa Board, developed CocoaLink, a mobile technology program to bring our farmer education program to cocoa farmers in Africa. Program launched March 2011.

Promote partnerships with cocoa-sector companies, NGOs and governments to develop and implement agreed-to milestones to measure progress in sustainable cocoa farming by 2011.


The hershey Company, World Cocoa Foundation, and The Ghanaian Cocoa board mobile technology program

consumer well-being

Attain food safety certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative at all our wholly owned manufacturing & JV Operations & contract manufacturing/ co-packing by 2012. Increase the number of Hershey's Track & Field Games local track & field meets by 20% by 2013 (2008 baseline). Launch Moderation Nation in the US in 2010.

•• •

Seven of eleven Hershey-owned manufacturing facilities and our China joint venture attained GFSI certification. Remaining Hershey facilities and Brazil and India joint ventures are on track for certification in 2011 and 2012, respectively. All major contract manufacturers expect to attain GFSI certification by year-end 2012. Increased number of local meets by 7% over 2009 and 27% over 2008, enabling more children in more communities to participate. Program launched; outreach exceeded expectations. Please visit the moderation nation website, http://sites.hersheys.com/ moderationnation/, for more details on the program. Continuing to develop programs that support customers' CSR priorities.

•• •• •• •• •• •

alignment with customers
Hershey's Track & Field Games program

Develop programs that allow us to understand and anticipate customer program priorities.

●● ● ● = achieved

●● ● = on track

● ● = under development

● = needs improvement


The hershey Company CorporaTe soCial responsibiliTy sCoreCard 2010


Minimize environmental impact while meeting functional requirements through: product design sustainable sourcing efficient business operations Total Waste Water
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