Heroism of Jose Rizal

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Rizal course is mandated by ou law under R.A. 1425. It says here the 3 provisions of rizal law. First, Rizal course must be part of the curriculum of our schools, colleges, universities, public or private. Our study must give emphasis regarding our national hero nad his vision of the noli mitangere and elfilibustirismo ( touch me not). Second is taht all libraries and schools must have a lot of numbers of copies of our national hero''s two novels and also other materials close to him. And lastly, is that the board of national education must have teresponsibilities to take charge of the translation, distribution and reproduction of printed copies of the rizal novels. In this article, it aslo says the common reaction of some students regarding taking up the rizal course. Others find it as a waste oftime, while some commented that ist just a repetition of the things that we encountered during highschool days. There are aslo other college students who dont see the essence of studying the rizal course in their chosen field or career. For me, the author really gives emphasis on the provisions of the rizal law wherein the author cited them one by one. I agree in the comments and reactions of the author who wrote regarding the attitude of some students especially the college ones. This article help other people to know what''s really behind the rizal course and rizal law as well. Personally speaking, in my situation as a college student, this article help me to make my understanding be more broad regarding the rizal law and rizal course. But on the other hand, a sad feeling is there because i do admit that some of us really keep on asking the question " why we need to study rizal course?" not knowing that studying this courrse will give us not only the knowledge but also the determination to move forward and be more dedicative students with the chosen fields we are in right now. Published: September 12, 2007   ...
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