Heroes Make the World Go Round

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Christopher Gonzalez
John Adams
Eng. 101

Heroes Make The World Go Round
If you were to ask people what they thought it meant to be a “hero”, odds are they would all give you different answers. We all have our own opinions of what a hero is, whether it be a policeman, doctor, or Batman. It can be a person whose actions are righteous and done to help someone in need. It is also not necessary for this person to be real, they can be a hero from a comic book or movie. There are of course certain things that we use to create in our minds what our ideal hero is. I would say the one thing that made everyone rethink who they thought was a hero was when the movie The Dark Knight came out. This movie featured an everyday ordinary man who finally got tired of the badness that was so abundant in the city he lived in that he stepped up to the plate and decided to do something about it. Now he did not have some accident with toxic waste or was exposed to gamma rays, but what he did have were superb fighting and acrobatic skills and advanced gadgets that made it seem as if he had some special powers. He was considered a hero because he fought for good, and for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. That’s what most people would think that a hero does, he fights to vanquish evil or just for the bettering of society.

The fact that Batman is more of a “regular guy” makes him a lot more likable. This is because people can relate to him more and understand his feelings of what he is going through. They can put themselves into his shoes and imagine what it would be like to be in that situation. And in a way this would make him more heroic because he is just flesh and bone like any other person, yet he is still goes out there and does amazing things. This does not mean that we cannot still be in awe at some of his feats he accomplishes. Such as when he takes down 10 guys armed with guns with his bare hands or jumps off a skyscraper, as Randolph Dreyer puts it, “we are...

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