Heroes for My Son

Topics: Harriet Tubman, Slavery in the United States, Underground Railroad Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Just finished two really interesting books. If you get the chance you should read. - heroes for my son- Brad Meltzer also -heroes for my daughter- Brad Meltzer. These two books are very touching, they describe some of people in history that young people should look up to and what they are known for. I have to say I think that my favorite is probably between two woman. One of which is Harriet Tubman, this was a dark skinned woman what she did happened during the Underground Railroad. She had escaped north to freedom knowing she had been a slave all her life she was finally free. She could not stand that she was a free woman while there were still woman and men and children south being abused and used. She knew it was dangerous, she could get caught and be in serious trouble if not death, but she stood up and took a chance. She ended up saving over three hundred people and gave them freedom. Harriet Tubman became known as "the Moses of her people." The next person is mother Teresa, I had started crying while learning about her. This woman was a nun. She dedicated her life to helping the poor people even though she herself was not wealthy. She went from having money to none at all for giving it to the worse off than herself which left her with nothing. That same day a benefactor came and gave her money and she then gave that to the poor also. " Do not wait for leaders. Do it alone. Person to person." - Mother Teresa
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