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Heroes Cormier

By TyzArtist Feb 24, 2013 389 Words
“My name is Francis Joseph Cassavant and I have just returned to Frenchtown in Monument and the war is over and I have no face.” Establishes the setting and Introduces narrator in first person which creates mystery.

Chapter 1 – page 1
“Oh, I have eyes… but no ears to speak of, just bits of dangling flesh. But that’s fine, like Dr Abrams says… He was joking, of course.” Conversational style of address which creates a close bond between the reader and the narrator

Chapter 1 – page 1
Description of Francis’s physical injuries creates imagery and Creates sympathy in the reader and makes the reader want to read on and it makes the reader want to know why he looks like this

Chapter 1 – page 2
“But not having much success” and “I don’t blame them” Francis has low self-esteem and lacks confidence Presented as single-sentence paragraph to empthasize the fact that he does look "disfugured" and people could be scared or frigtend of his appearance

Chapter 1 – page 3
“This was proof that the scarf and the bandage were working in two ways: not only to hide the ugliness of what used to be my face, but to hide my identity.” Why is Francis trying to hide? This Creates mystery and makes the reader want to read on and find out what happens later in the book.Francis believes he is ugly which shows he has low self esteem and doesnt belive in hiself. Chapter 1 – page 4

“I thought of Nicole Renard, realizing I had not thought of her for, oh, maybe two hours.” First mention of Nicole Suggests Francis may be in love with her Makes the reader ask questions and wonder is she a main character and creates more mystery.

Chapter 1 – page 4
“She had always been generous when I did her errands and her tips paid for my ten-cent movie tickets at the Plymouth on Saturday afternoons.” Francis knows Mrs Belander from before the war but when she doesnt realise him at the start she is rude and blunt with him.

Chapter 1 – page 4
“At that moment, I knew that I was really anonymous, that I wasn’t Francis Joseph Cassavant anymore but a tenant in Frenchtown.” Why does Francis want to be anonymous? Contrasts with the opening sentence.

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