Heroes and Villains in Vampire Diaries.

Topics: Stephenie Meyer, Bella Swan, Twilight Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: April 27, 2011
In literature, characters are always portrayed in such a way so that the reader is more or less able to classify them. Heroes and villains have played an important role not only in literature, but also in other of the many forms of animation and even visual arts. If we look up these words in the dictionary or ask around for different opinions, the interpretation will more or less be the same. A hero is defined merely as someone who sacrifices himself for the good of others. [1] A villain is a wicked or evil person. [2] However we must ask ourselves if these definitions are going to be the same for every case. An open mind is needed to fully understand why a specific character is considered a hero or a villain. It is never enough to simply classify a character or a person. One must take in consideration what the creator of this character had in mind. [3]

Vampires have always if not most of the time, been considered as evil creatures that take the lives of innocent human beings for them to survive. However do we all agree? Stephenie Meyer had a different outlook to what is today and yesterday’s interpretation of a typical vampire stereotype. Breaking Dawn is one of the Vampire Diaries chronicles which has caused an impact around the world. The contrast of different vampire families and the romantic love story of such creature and a human itself, I believe changed many perceptions.

In this piece of literature we have the Cullen family, a set of vampires who have managed to control their craving of blood and live around humans pretending to be so. However they are vampires after all and could be argued the fact that they’re evil like villains. On the contrary we must look at the reasons why they act like this. What makes a person a hero or a villain? How much comes from inner predisposition, from personal destiny, from mere interpretation? Is someone obliged to become a hero or villain by virtue of their existence, or are heroes and villains molded over time...
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