Topics: Hero, Leadership, Courage Pages: 3 (2323 words) Published: November 4, 2014

Katniss Everdeen, the heroine in The Hunger Games
By: Yik Jean Kuik
According to Joseph Campbell, A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Throughout history, the hero figure is the pinnacle of human potential, capturing the imaginations of young and old alike. Every society has hero figures, and though these figures may seem different from one another, certain aspects of their life's journeys and their places in society define all. Many people perceive a hero as being equivalent to that of Superman. However, to me a hero is someone who is not defined by the strength of his or her muscles, but by the strength of their heart. As an overview, firstly, a background analysis of Katniss in The Hunger Games will be given, followed by an in-depth analysis of the term Heroes. Next, Katniss’s adventures in the Hunger Games are analyzed using the Heroes’ Journey Framework. Last but not least, Katniss’s character and her power and influence on the various Districts will be further analyzed. Before analyzing the character and her story, it is important to distinguish between heroes and leaders. A hero is someone who does something courageous and inspirational whereas a leader is someone who easily takes charge of people. Only a select few people are truly natural leaders. In the Hunger Games, Katniss portrayed herself as an exceptional heroine rather than a leader who succeeded in threatening the almighty Capitol, inspiring many people that live in the various districts. The Hunger Games is a typical hero story whereby the hero may not start out as noble or virtuous, but revealed as such through decisions and actions. But, why do we need heroes? The reason being, throughout our lives, heroes reveal our missing qualities and educate us about right and wrong. As a child, fairytales showed us the kinds of behaviors that are needed to succeed in life, and as we grow, we need healthy adult role models who demonstrate exemplary behavior...
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