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We trust in superheroes, we look up to them because they have everlasting courage, superpowers, costumes and willingness to make the wrong, right. Their characteristics are what define them and those characteristics are what we identify and secretly fantasize with, but only a few people in the real world can be called superheroes, Phoenix Jones is one of those few people. According to the descriptions given by Linda Seger in her essay Creating the myth, Phoenix Jones, the character in Jon Ronson’s “The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones” does fit the definition of a hero because he’s been transformed to a superhero through the courage to stand up and show his city, Seattle, a great act of unselfishness, as he exposes his life on the streets fighting crime to protect the people of his city.

Phoenix Jones encounters a problem with society versing crime and he firmly believes that he is the solution. This moment of realization is what Linda Seger writes about in her essay, Creating The Myth, as “it’s a catalyst that sets the story into motion” (Seger pg.62), the fact that Phoenix Jones once had been a victim of crime, disturbed the man behind the mask and triggered the courage in him to rise above the rest and fight. Seger adds “now he is personally motivated, ready to enter into adventure”(Seger pg.62), so Phoenix Jones is created as the solution to fight crime and clean up the streets of his city because everyone else was afraid to do so. This according to Seger would be where the non hero starts his transformation, where the hero gets “the call”and Phoenix jones starts his journey. The mask left by the robber that attacked Phoenix became a symbol for him, Phoenix Jones says “they use the mask to conceal identity, i use the mask to become an identity”(Ronson, pg.47) the mask that was once used to commit a crime was now a mask that would stand up to fight against crime, this mask will give phoenix the courage to prevail as a hero in a city full of people in...
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