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Today’s Heroes according to the Media
Lindsey Hammonds
ENG 121: English Composition II
Jason Romero
July 22, 2013
Today’s Heroes according to the Media
What the media makes out to be a hero is not always true. In today’s era the words “hero” and “heroism” are tossed around meaningless. The factors of what a hero is change from person to person, and there is not a criterion. What influences a person version of what a hero is can include religion, personal view, and even age. Sometimes the term is used loosely and has lost the true meaning of it. In the article, Great column: Definition of a hero diluted now more than ever Bob Fliegel said “ The dilution of what it takes to be a “hero” reminds me of what happen to another similar word, “legend”. Fliegel believe that soldiers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, lifeguards, and other emergency agents are not heroes, because they voluntarily put themselves in harms way. That’s their jobs and what they get paid for. According to Frank Farley a professor at Temple University there are different levels of heroism. Political protesters and whistle blowers, that stands on principle to challenge authority. These two types of people can be heroes, just like a child standing up to a bully for a friend. The requirements of what a hero is are different for each person, and there is no set criterion. Scott Ingram quoted “Athletes, musicians, actors, and other stars are special to many people, but that doesn’t make them heroes.” Ingram did a debate and asked people if celebrities were heroes. Some people answered “yes” celebrities are heroes, because they work hard to become famous and successful. Michael Jordan was used as an example of a celebrity hero, because he worked hard to become a great player and he gives money to needy families. The people who answered “no” believe that celebrities are not heroes. Real heroes do more than give money to a charity. These people believe that true heroes are the ones who risk their life to help others. Firefighters, police officers, and the men and women who fight to keep our country free are real heroes. Everyday people who fight against unfair treatment are also real heroes. A true hero does not consider their selves as a hero. One person in particular that should be considered as a hero is Captain Sullenberg. He landed his plane in the Hudson River when birds struck the plane. To some birds striking the plane does not sound like that big of a deal, but Captain Sullenberg seen it as a big deal. After the birds hit, the plane started to shake and lost power to both of its engines. Captain Sullenberg knew that the passengers and he were in danger and he did what he thought was best. In the end he ended up saving a lot of people’s lives. The factors that influence a person version of a hero can include religion, personal view, and even age. Rob Kall a free lance writer quoted “The heroes and heroism among the GI’s who have gone to Iraq have spoken out against the war. Kall’s left winged view influences his opinion on what makes a hero, which is evident in his article. By him saying soldiers are not heroes, but the ones who speak against the war. The word “hero” is dated back to ancient Greece, because they believed their Gods and Goddesses were heroes. One of they more famous demigods is Hercules. Hercules was the son of Zeus, and his stepmother Hera despised him and caused him to go mad. Since he was driven mad by Hera he killed his children. Hercules’s punishment for killing his family was to do twelve labors for King Eurystheur. One of the first labors he did was kill the Neman Lion. The hide on the Neman Lion was very thick and it could not be pierced by a sword. Hercules defeated the lion by strangling him to death, and he wore the hide of the lion as armor. Hercules also killed the three headed dragon Hydra, by cutting its entire heads off and...

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