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Question 1: Which of the four types of studies are presented in this case?

Answer 1: According to the passage of the case the research done by the Emil Vicale- President of BBC Design Group has performed a descriptive study. He has performed a research for potential action-figure doll business. Descriptive study attempts to answer to questions like who, what, when, where and how. It is clear that while doing research for the potential action-figures business Vicale had to search for the answers Who are the potential clients which would be interested to buy these dolls? Which action-figures are the most popular among different ages? Where do the action-figure dolls mostly sell, in toy stores, or as souvenirs in specialized shops? In what quantities possibly the production should be in order to cover demand and not to overproduce? and other questions.

Vicale also has done explanatory research to find the answer why there was sudden interest in action-figure dolls spread. The answer for the question was that it was connected to the 9/11 event which led to the launch of business to sell action-figure dolls based on modern day heroes of the event.

Question 2: Evaluate the research conducted.

Answer 2:

a)Is the purpose clearly defined?
Vicale’s research involved defining the potential for the production and sale of action-figure modern day hero dolls and profitability of the sales, sales volume through retail stores as well as if the production of prototype real-life people’s dolls would have any legal consequences.

b)Research process detailed?
The research process in the passage is not detailed and covers short answers to only several questions. Vicale did only internet search, and some retail market research.

c)High ethical standards applied?
The passage does not offer any information about the existence of ethical safeguards to protect the involved persons and/or organizations, however Vicale did contact lawyer for the legal and...
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