Hero's Journey

Topics: Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Pages: 6 (1450 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Allison Salazar
English 363
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Harry Potter: A Hero’s Journey
Joseph Campbell’s monomyth of The Hero’s Journey is just a basic pattern about how a hero goes about their journey. There are three main categories which include: the departure, trials and victories of initiation, and return and reintegration into society. Each of these main categories includes seventeen subcategories that go more in depth about the journey. All of the Harry Potter movies could apply to Joseph Campbell’s monomyth of the hero’s journey. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has many aspects of a hero’s journey; however this particular Harry Potter deals with these stages in a somewhat different order.

The call to adventure is one of the first steps in The Hero’s Journey and for Harry Potter this begins when the Triwizard Cup, a competition among other schools that practice witchcraft and wizardry, is being held at Hogwarts. Challengers must be 17 years of age to compete and barriers are put in place to prevent underage participants. Despite these measures Harry is named as a reluctant participant and must compete in the Triwizard Cup. Harry’s call to adventure comes to a surprise to him seeing as he did not know his name was entered. Also, Harry had a difficult year previously and so much had occurred; it would make sense for Harry to assume that this new school year would be less eventful and he could just focus on school without worrying about Voldemort returning. This call to adventure also caused controversy among Harry and his friend Ron because it was Ron’s dream to compete in the Triwizard Cup when he was of age. However, there is nothing Harry can do to change the outcome and must compete. While watching the movie, the audience sympathizes with Harry Potter because they understand Harry is uncomfortable with competing and did not enter his name to compete. This makes Harry a likeable character and more relatable because many people have had to deal with hardships and setbacks much like Harry Potter.

After Harry is called to participate in the Triwizard Cup it would appear that meeting with a mentor is the next thing that occurs for Harry. Mad-Eye Moody becomes Harry’s mentor throughout the competition and is there to help Harry with each of the events he must face. Harry trusts Mad-Eye because he is an older wizard and has the knowledge about the competition that Harry does not possess. It appears that Mad-Eye is a good mentor and actually wants to help Harry Potter; however, after Harry returns from the cemetery from almost getting killed by Voldemort, it is revealed that Mad-Eye was actually Barty Crouch Jr., one of Voldemort’s followers. It turns out that Mad-Eye was actually the woman as a temptress according to The Hero’s Journey. Mad- Eye or Barty Crouch Jr. manipulated the whole Triwizard Cup in order for Harry to be one of the last competitors, so that Harry would meet with Voldemort in the cemetery. Although, Mad-Eye was not disguised as a woman, he still managed to stray Harry from his somewhat normal life and made it complicated by entering his name into the Triwizard Cup. The woman as a temptress is a complicated part of a hero’s journey because she or he appears to be a trustworthy ally that will help the hero, but then turns on you. Mad-Eye gained the trust of Harry and the faculty at Hogwarts so no one would assume he would be an imposter. The woman as a temptress is a crucial part of the hero’s journey and without Mad-Eye doing these things to Harry Potter everyone would have been unaware of Voldemort’s return, which would have been a bigger problem. The real mentor for Harry in this movie that the audience could identify would be Cedric Diggory. Cedric is older than Harry by three years and is just a more advanced wizard than Harry. Cedric helps Harry and even gives him clues about one of the events from the competition. In a sense they become more allies during the competition, but even when...
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