Hero Myths

Topics: The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Hero, Joseph Campbell Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: May 20, 2007
Hero Myths Enlighten our Lives

Mythological stories have existed as long as man has existed. As long as there have been mythological stories there have been stories of heroes. Most of us were introduced to the hero's journey through mythology and other heroic tale sources, such as in cinema and literature, have been inspired by mythology. Myths provide the oldest and truest outline for heroic stories. Each culture has its own myths and each of these myths tend to share a common design. Myths often use transcendental events or characters to explain the nature of humanity and the universe. The stories are often narratives about divine or ordinary people that are passed down through the generations intended to inspire and advise the listener or reader. Why should we care about mythological heroic figures? The underlying principles of heroic adventures are reflective of our own journeys and adventures in life. Every challenge or change we face in life is an adventure and we are the heroes in the story.

Every situation which confronts us with something new or which forces us to reevaluate our thinking, behaviour or perspective, is the journey or adventure the mythological hero must also face. By understanding the journey of the hero we may begin to apply the story to our own lives and challenges. The first stage in a hero's adventure is facing the interface the known world, and the unknown world. The known world is familiar and we are accustomed to its layout and rules. The unknown world, however, is the world of unfamiliarity and challenges, which can be confusing. In the unknown world we can get lost. Our adventure to the unfamiliar world may be outward into a physical unknown or inward into a psychological unknown or most likely both. In mythology the hero is often provided with someone or something to advise or help them in the unknown world. In the real world we have these guides as well: a classmate in a new school, a coworker in a new job,...
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