Hero Movie Reflection

Topics: Qin Shi Huang, Warring States Period, Qin Dynasty Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: July 6, 2014
Beau Whittaker
Asian History
Mr. Lovingfoss

In the movie Hero, Nameless, an assassin from Zhou who was trying to persuade the King of Qin that he revenged the other assassins that attempted to slay Qin Shihuangdi. He displayed the weapons of Sky, Snow, and Broken Sword, which allowed him to ten paces from the King. The three assassins staged their fight with Nameless, so he could get closer to take away the King's life. Nameless found Sky at a checkers, poker, or chess parlor, and Snow and Broken Sword at a calligraphy school in Zhou. He finished the duel with Sky in their minds, and faked a duel with Snow. Broken Sword just gave up in honor, writing two words, trying to spare the king's life because only the Qin had the ability to create a unified empire. Nameless chose to spare the king of Qin's life because he finally understood the 20th way to write sword, and the calligraphy meant the ideal of a warrior in any situation should have to desire to kill.

From hearing the King's plan of unifying the empire, I was very surprised at first but then supportive. The Qin king and his army were stronger and seemed like they wanted to conquer all the land and dynasties. But Broken Sword, an assassin that the king barely knew, knew that the king of Qin wanted to unite the states. When Nameless spared the king's life, he believed that in order to achieve peace was to unite the states under a common dynasty, which Qin had the ability and power to do so. After that as Nameless was leaving, the legalist demanded to fire arrows at Nameless, and the king needed to agree because in order to unite the world he must force the law of execution.

According to the king of Qin, his plan to unite the states is really important but the process of the plan is also important so he can succeed. The plan to unite the states is really significant because of the resources and the great development of their political and economic growth. The process of the plan...
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