Hero Inflation

Topics: Hero, Hurricane Katrina, Victim Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Carl V. Robinson
English 93
Mr. Green, Herb
Essay # 2
February 14, 2012
The Inflation of Unwarranted Heroes and heroines
Heroes are a different breed in todays society, which sometimes include animals. Traditionally, heroes were looked upon as being someone and entities performing a heroic act, not required of them. Yet today, many heroes are the results of certain public servants duties being inflated, because they are for the most, part of their job duties. This is the case developed by the writer Nicholas Thompson in “Hero Inflation”. It appeasers he has taken the view that innocent casualties of the 911 attack were victims and not heroes. With regards of the public servants of the September 911 tragedy, he stated their acts were not outside of their required duties. Therefore, public servants should not be called heroes, and this is argued by many people of today’s society. Furthermore, why was these victims called heroes instead of victims of circumstances? Are not public servants such as police, firefighters, and paramedics looked upon as being heroes by the majority of America? How much did politics play in the labeling of 911 victims? Why didn’t America call Hurricane Katrina’s causalities heroes instead of victims. Why do some writers like Nicholas Thompson view their duties as not being heroic acts, but simply as being part of their jobs? In addition, to what point should a heroes be rewarded. The author of “Hero Inflation” by Nicholas Thompson courts the idea that heroes are inflated, because some of their actions are the results of their jobs. There is a big difference between a hero and a victim. It has been said that the victims of 911 were label heroes to lessen the pain felt by the whole country. Also, it was a political ploy to divert the government mishandling of the information they had prior the attack. Yet, many people have ask why were the victims of Hurricane Katrina treated differently. These people were first view as victims and...
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