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A Hero

In the worlds eye of a hero we tend to think of super heroes from comic books, movies , and television shows. Well many of us look up to that special person in our lives that have shown courage and determination to succeed after set backs. My hero in my life is my father. My father was born in a small town in Durango,Mexico. He was brought to the United States at the age of 6 years old with 6 other siblings. While being raised in South Central Los Angeles, California he was brought into poverty. My father said he remembered “waking up at four in the morning every saturday and sunday when the sun isn’t even out for a couple hours to sell things at the swapmeet to make money to pay the bills”. My father was working at the age of six years old with other siblings to help pay the rent. My father sacrificed a lot at a young age. As years went by different jobs were offered to my father due to hard work that was shown. He went through high school working to support some of his necessities and wants. At the age of eighteen he graduated from high school while purchasing his first car with his own money that he worked for. Without a college education he managed to get a job at a company that no longer exists by the name of RPS. RPS was a trucking delivery company similar to Fed-Ex. With hard work and dedication he moved his way up in Leadership positions while dealing with four children and a wife to provide for. My father never gave up and never accepted anything lower than what was worked for. He then decided to open up his own trucking delivery company by the name of Danmark transport. My father has never given up not even when his business failed with no job available for him. He quickly found a job at U.P.S (similar to Fed-Ex)where he worked for 10 years after getting injured on the job. Till this day he unable to work a labored job yet he still manages to provide for a large family as ours. He has sacrifed throughout his life to provide for others before...
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