Hermes Essay

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Homeric Hymn Essay

In the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, the author give his audience a parable showing that through forgiveness and communication, two people can settle an argument and remain close friends.
In the beginning of the story, Hermes plots to steal his half-brother's cattle. He carries out his deed, working carefully to conceal the identity of the thief. When he got home, he climbed into his cradle and acted like a feeble baby. His mother, Maia, saw the young child and let him know that she knew he had been up to no good. Hermes assured her that he was to be the God of thievery and that he would win honor and riches for them both among the Olympian gods. Apollo, after figuring out who the true thief was accused Hermes of the crime. Since Hermes would not admit to it, Apollo sought justice from their father Zeus. He took the child before the great god and enlightened him of his side of the story. Zeus then asked the infant what he had to say and the young one again lied about his involvement of the case. Zeus satisfies Apollo by telling Hermes to lead them to the cattle. Hermes was pleased because it appeared that he had escaped punishment from the great God.

After Hermes led Apollo to his cattle, the two reconcile their differences. Hermes picked up the lyre that he had made from the tortoise and played a song so well that Apollo exclaimed that he would give fifty cows for Hermes skill at playing the instrument. In exchange for the skill, Apollo promised Hermes that he would become the messenger of the gods and that he and his mother would have prominence among the immortals. This fulfills Hermes' promise that he had made to Mai earlier in the story. Satisfied, Hermes gave the lyre to Apollo telling him that he would be master of the instrument and in return, Apollo gave Hermes a whip and also the cattle that he had so yearned for. At this point, the two return to Mount Olympos where Zues unites them in friendship, but...
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